Salty’s Gulfport – Web Design


Web Design for Salty’s Gulfport Bar. Known as one of the best and certainly the funnest waterfront bar in Gulfport, Florida – Salty’s rocks, but needed a new web design. Staying true to their local nature they chose Contemporary Websites to produce and publish – they’re happy they did!

The site features lots of vibrant photography, easy access to their daily and weekly specials, monthly live music schedules and social network pages. The site is fully responsive and adaptive to any screen it is viewed on.

Artist Bryce Hudson

Personal Artist and designer portfolio for contemporary artist Bryce Hudson. His new site features documented texts, images and social networking capabilities. The main challenge with this site; to display a huge body of work within a minimalist yet easy-to-expand framework.

Big – Bold images, ability to separate items by tags, titles and by series of work were requested and provided.

Site features:
Java Script, CSS, HTML5, Photoshop, Illustrator, SEO optimizations, Social Networking

Visit the Contemporary Art site of Bryce Hudson.

Contemporary Web Design and Website Redesign for Inspired


Contemporary Web Design and Website Redesign for InspiredInspired is an event design and management consulting firm based in Louisville, Kentucky, that offers a complete range of event design, development and management services to clients throughout the United States.

Conveying their playful, yet serious attitude to providing valuable client services was key to their business and online presence.

Visit the site.

Gross Diamond Company

What could be more fun than a complete redesign of the Gross Diamond Company website! Working closely along side staff at Gross Diamonds, Contemporary Websites reinterpreted and redesigned the site from the ground up – and on a new format.

Contemporary Websites also taught Gross Diamond Company’s staff to update and control the site completely on their own.

Visit the site.

Deven 7 Studios

Deven 7 Studios is Louisville, Kentucky’s leading and most trusted framer. For over a decade Deven 7 Studios has provided customers with everything to fit their framing needs – from small one-off projects to partnering with many local and regional organizations and museums.

Deven 7 Studios and Contemporary Websites have long since been a partner – creating their original web presence 8 years ago, we recently redesigned their site within a CMS based design, insuring room for it to grow and ultimately handing over control of the entire site, its contents and updating capabilities to the Deven 7 Studios staff!

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Marty Bell – Office

Marty bell has spent most of his adult life acting as a catalyst and activist for the improvement of student’s educational experience. Now, he’s running for school board!

Friend’s of Marty Bell for School Board were referred to Contemporary Websites by previous clients because they knew we were the right people for the job. Having past experience designing a campaign for an individuals running for public office, Contemporary Websites understands the importance of getting the correct message across for a multitude of visitors hoping to gain information on the candidate, the candidate’s position on issues, and support and volunteer opportunities.

This site is no longer live – click the image to view the design larger.

Contemporist Icon

We love our creative clients! Contemporist Icon is an international Art, Architecture and Design Blog out of the United Kingdom. It’s goal is to explore and share the historical influences that make today’s visual culture.

RSS Feeds, Flickr photo feeds and robust social networking capabilities have made Contemporist Icon one of the World’s leading and most widely featured and shared culture and design blogs.

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Green is the new Black. Passionate about sustainability and conservation issues this consulting firm needed a platform for their projects and the complicated nature of their business. Light on imagery and photographic elements the background of the main content area and color of the text were well planned design issues to prevent eye strain.

An overall scientific approach to building this site were key in it’s initial art direction.

Site features
Flash, Java Script, CSS, HTML5, Photoshop, Illustrator, SEO optimizations

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sonaBlast Records

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SonaBlast! Records

They needed it all. And got it.

Constant updates to keep fans of their music up to date with concerts, record release parties and show venues the sonaBLAST! Records web presence showcases talent by way of top-notch photography, MP3 downloads and samples and a barrage of social networking capibilities.

Headquartered in New York, New York and Louisville, Kentucky, sonaBLAST! depends on a reliable web design and updating team. Watch videos, read recent press, connect to your newest favorite band and most importantly; buy or download the music online!

Site features
Flash, MP3s, Java Script, CSS5, HTML,

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Beaux Arts Ball

The Beaux Arts Ball is an annual event that draws hundreds of people who come out to support Kentucky/Indiana’s leading choir group, Voices of Kentuckiana.

This was a complete redesign of the site with shopping cart and performance information.

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Mellwood Art Center

Enhanced web presence for a leading art and entertainment venue with gallery and artist/tenant listings, rental information and available space notices.

Site features
Flash, Java Script, CSS Photoshop, SEO optimizations, Social Networking applications installed and embedded into site.

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Fowler and Sons Construction

A great little portfolio site for one of Louisville’s leading sources for home and commercial construction and renovation.

An easy to navigate site with plenty of professional photographs – a logo, print and branding project was also included with this site’s design.

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