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eElaine Photography

Redefining the online face of one of the city’s most talented and creative photography studios was, well, a fun task. eElaine Photography – Artful photography that touches the soul.

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Artist Bryce Hudson

Personal Artist and designer portfolio for contemporary artist Bryce Hudson. His new site features documented texts, images and social networking capabilities. The main challenge with this site; to display a huge body of work within a minimalist yet easy-to-expand framework.

Big – Bold images, ability to separate items by tags, titles and by series of work were requested and provided.

Site features:
Java Script, CSS, HTML5, Photoshop, Illustrator, SEO optimizations, Social Networking

Visit the Contemporary Art site of Bryce Hudson.

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Shen Jingdong

Enhanced web presence – heavy on the visuals yet light and easy-to-navigate design.

Shen lives in Beijing, China yet he trusted is global web presence to us. We love highly creative clients and this is one of our favorite on-going projects!

Site features
Java Script, CSS Photoshop, SEO optimizations, Social Networking applications installed and embedded into site, Content Management System for easy updates. Site works across-platforms and on mobile decives.

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Contemporist Icon

We love our creative clients! Contemporist Icon is an international Art, Architecture and Design Blog out of the United Kingdom. It’s goal is to explore and share the historical influences that make today’s visual culture.

RSS Feeds, Flickr photo feeds and robust social networking capabilities have made Contemporist Icon one of the World’s leading and most widely featured and shared culture and design blogs.

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Artist Tom Cannady

Tom Cannady is an American artist with over 30 years of experience. Schooled at Murray State University located in western Kentucky his paintings and prints have referenced the American experience that hangs in the minds of many. The ephemeral quality of his paintings reference memories – not too detailed, not too fuzzy, but ever-present.

Cannady strives to achieve a sense of place and warmth in each work and mixes each with powerful reference points in the human psyche. These are mesmerizing signs that remind us of America’s love and life as it pertains to the automobile.

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Mellwood Art Center

Enhanced web presence for a leading art and entertainment venue with gallery and artist/tenant listings, rental information and available space notices.

Site features
Flash, Java Script, CSS Photoshop, SEO optimizations, Social Networking applications installed and embedded into site.

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Denine LeBlanc

Denine LeBlanc

Pianist/composer Denine LeBlanc is known for her independent compositions the world over. Starting her work tour in 2011 she needed an easy to navigate easy to understand web presence which could be easily translated and that would present herself and her music in a profession and creative sensibility. We designed her site with her music in mind, included a calendar of performances and embedded MP3 versions securely on her pages so that people could read and listen along.

The site includes Java Script features, social networking capabilities and a minimalist, clean design esthetic just as Denine preferred!

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The Green Building Gallery

Green Building Gallery

The Green Building is a LEED Platinum Certified architectural wonder! Contemporary Websites built and maintains both its informative website and the Green Building Gallery’s website as well.

Functions and features include constant updates, informative article and exhibit postings and social media integrations.

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